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Songs and Their Stories


Titled "Sacred Ground," our third CD showcases the band's two-year collaboration. With the addition of a full drum kit, our sound has undergone a transformation, resulting in an enchanting fusion of

Celtic music.


Sacred Ground

The song "Sacred Ground" serves as a tribute to the individuals who lost their lives in the Battle of Culloden in 1746, which remains the final battle fought on British soil. Recent attempts by land developers to obtain permits for developing the land surrounding the battlefield prompted strong opposition from the Scottish community, given its historical significance and picturesque setting.

The Scottish people vehemently protested against any notion of development, leading to a complete halt in the plans. The thought of altering the very ground where 1500 Scottish and English soldiers were laid to rest was deeply distressing, prompting us to express our solidarity through the creation of this song.

  Neville's Cross 

Written by Paul Macleish, this story revolves around a fictional soldier who participated in the brutal battle of Neville's Cross in 1346. The historical event was a fierce clash between the Scots and the English. The tale features a captivating musical performance by 'Scotty' and 'Chelle,' showcasing their impressive whistle and fiddle duet. Undoubtedly, this battle fought in England holds great intrigue and is worth exploring, particularly on a rainy day.

The Bruce

"The Bruce" is a song with a historical theme. Robert the Bruce was a significant figure in Scottish history, known for his leadership and his efforts towards Scottish independence. The song begins with Paul reading a portion from the "Declaration of Arbroath. This sets the stage for the song's exploration of Robert the Bruce's thoughts and ideals.

The song was written in 2017, but only released in 2023.

Sometimes creative projects need time to mature and find the right moment to be shared with the world.



Paul, wrote this beautiful ballad during a winter camping expedition in the Western Highlands of Scotland. The song chronicles his journey from the UK to the USA, encompassing his emotions and experiences. As he sat in his tent south of Glenfinnan, surrounded by ice and frost in the bone-chilling minus 12 degrees F weather, Paul was inspired to compose the heartfelt lyrics and captivating melody. Despite his current residence in the USA, Paul firmly believes that he will eventually return to Scotland, although the timing remains uncertain.

  Brand New Day 

Brand new Day was written in 2016. It was originally written when the band was a trio called 'Macgilliossa.' We thought it was worthy to dust of and re-record.

The song is a lovely, tender ballad with a romantic theme. It depicts Paul's imaginary return to Scotland, evoking a sense of nostalgia. One of the places mentioned in the song is the Cater-Bar pass, located on the Scottish Border. Just a short distance into Scotland, there is a quaint white house that Paul has always dreamed of owning. Who knows, perhaps one day his dream will come true.

 The Watch

"The Watch" is a lively composition inspired by Paul's esteemed great-grandfather, who served as a sergeant in the renowned 'Black Watch' regiment during World War I in the Scottish Army.

This captivating melody has garnered immense popularity among the present-day 'Black Watch Regiment,' as they kindly reached out to express their fondness for

it through an email.


   North of Argyll 

North of Argyll is more than just a band name; it also refers to a location in Scotland. When we were searching for a name for our band, we engaged in discussions about the most breathtaking places on Earth. Scotty and Paul, both avid hikers in Scotland, unanimously agreed that the land just north of the region known as 'Argyll,' where Glencoe is situated, boasts some of the world's most stunning scenery. Hence, our band adopted the name 'North of Argyll.' Our song delves into the subject of life and its ever-changing nature, emphasizing that memories and friendships are the only true possessions we have. As a band, we consider ourselves a family, cherishing the moments we share together throughout our lives.


   The Road North

Based on a true story, this song recounts Paul's journey at the age of twenty-one when he relocated to London to pursue employment in a Casino. After a relentless year of toil without any breaks, he made the decision to embark on a two-week vacation to Scotland in his Green MGB GT sports car. Little did he know, this would become one of the most remarkable holidays of his life, as it acquainted him with the stunning landscapes of Glencoe and the Western Highlands. Even today, Paul frequently returns to this region to engage in hiking and camping. The song itself was composed in 2015.


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