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Paul Macleish


Paul was born and raised on the Scottish Border in the U.K.

He has been playing Celtic music since he was fourteen years old.

Paul was taught the bagpipes by his Father in Scotland, and has won many competitions in the USA and Scotland.

Paul also plays, guitar, mandolin, whistles, bodhran and Irish bouzouki.

An avid Scottish long distance hiker, historian, and story teller, Paul makes a point of telling the history, and stories behind the tunes, when performing. A lot of the songs he has written were during long hiking expeditions.


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Celtic Music in Florida Orlando
North of Argyll Celtic and Scottish Music Orlando Florida

Erin Oh


Erin Oh is a talented musician with a diverse skill set. As a classically trained violinist, she has honed her craft to a fine degree. Additionally, she is an expert in the Celtic fiddle style and can seamlessly switch between the two.

Erin's versatility doesn't end there, as she is also a skilled vocalist and bass guitarist. She has showcased her musical abilities in several "Out of the Glen" shows, leaving audiences mesmerized with her performances.

When not being part of the cast, Erin juggles her music career with her role as a professional Mom, balancing her passion for music with her family responsibilities.

'Out of the Glen,' Celtic theater show, Miami, Florida
'Out of the Glen,' celtic theater show, Tampa, Florida
North of Argyll Awesome Celtic Music

Dominick Mandano


With over 30 years of experience, Dominick is a seasoned percussionist who has mastered Blues, Jazz, and Rock drumming, as well as Celtic and Tribal rhythm. His rhythmic contributions to the band's live sound add an extra level of excitement.

Beyond his musical prowess, Dominick is also an expert carpenter who spends his spare time making furniture and customizing the band's trailer. He brings a positive and enthusiastic personality to the team, and his willingness to experiment with the possibilities of percussion is contagious.


Out of the Glen, Celtic theater show, Tampa Florida
Celtic Music,Scottish music,for hire, Tampa, 727-373-8648
North of Argyll SCottish Celtic Music Tampa Florida

Nat Stahl


Nat Stahl started playing bass in 1995, with the Indie rock outfit Crib. After rising to the top of the Ithaca, NY alternative scene, opening for several up-and-coming national acts, and recording an album, Crib disbanded and Nat went on to co-found Lucky and The Bastards, a country-punk band that played all the great Boston clubs

and a few in NYC.

The Bastards recorded two albums, played dozens of shows, and were written up in The Noise as well as mentioned in the New York Post. These days Nat is also studying the great Highland Bagpipes, and when not playing music, uses his Ed.D in mathematics education to torment high school students (don’t worry, he dries their tears and gives them cookies). Nat is no stranger to the stage or studio,

and loves Celtic music.


Steve Serneels

Steve is a bagpiper with over 30 years of experience playing with pipe bands and as a soloist. Steve has won many piping competitions over the years and is a former pipe major of The Citadel Pipe Band and Tampa Bay Pipes and Drums.

Steve plays bagpipes, small pipes and Irish whistle.

We are thrilled to have Steve as a part of the 'North of Argyll.' family.

Lisa Lee

Lisa is the band Merchandising manager.

Lisa  runs all on line communication such as facebook, as well as all merchandise inventory and also Sales.

Lisa is also responsible for tour organization.

She is expert organizer!!

Oh and Lisa hates having her photo taken .... Hehe

North of Argyll, Brilliant Celtic music
North of Argyll, Celtic Music USA
North of Argyll, Celtic Music in Florida
North of Argyll, Celtiv music in Florida
North of Argyll Celtic Music in Tampa Florida USA
Celtic Mucis north of Argyll USA
Celtic Music USA North of Argyll
North of Argyll Brilliant Celtic music
North of Argyll Celtic Music USA
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