Venue Information

Here we will find the information for up coming gigs.

Virginia Games

Virginia Games: Date of performance September 4th & 5th
Location: is 'The Plains,' Virginia.'
( It's about 13 miles from Chelle's House.)

The Games Website is at: Virginia Scottish Games.

Gemma, Scotty and Dominick, will be flying to Dulles Airport
on 9/3/21. Paul or Chelle will meet them at the airport.
Paul and Lisa will be driving up with the trailer and equipment. There will be room in the trailer for musical instruments, and bags.
We will be staying at a hotel. We have 3 rooms with 2 x double beds.

Rooms will be:
Paul and Dominick
Scotty and Lisa
Gemma and Chelle

There will be a band meeting and possibly a soundcheck on Friday Sept 3rd at the concert site. Sat 4th 3x45 min sets, Sunday 5th 3x 45 min sets ending about 4pm.
Chelle or Paul can take the band to the airport.


Scotland County Games, NC


NC Rural Heritage Center.

13043 X-Way Road in Laurinburg, NC.

Lat: 34.757539

Date: October 2nd 2021

Website: Scotland County Highland Games

Travel: This is a 10 hour drive so we will probably just all drive up to these games in Paul's van. However flights can be made, this is something we need to discuss.

Hotel: TBD, we are booked in for October 1st. We will be leaving after the games are finished.

Details: Sound check may be the night before at about 5.30pm, so we need to be at the location at about 3pm on October 1st. Paul will be bringing the music and equipment up in the trailer.

Arkansas Scottish Festival


Lyon College, 2300 Highland Road, Batesville, AR

Date: October 8th-10th

Website: Arkansas Scottish Festival

Travel: Paul and Lisa will be driving with gear and a trailer. Dominick and Scotty will be flying. Chelle will be driving or flying.

Hotel: Ramada Inn, Batesville. Rooms for Friday, and Saturday.

Details: Saturday evening there will be a Ceilidh, not sure of the time yet, still TBD. Ceilidh sound check 2 hours before gig...TBD.

Soundcheck on Friday evening at 6pm for main stage.

Saturday 3x45 min sets on main stage.

Sunday, 1 set in the morning on main stage, and we are done at 1pm


Location: Friday for Celidh

Deicke Auditorium

5701 Cypress Rd, Plantation, FL 33317

Location Saturday:

Plantation Heritage Park, 1100 S. Fig Tree Lane

(W 63rd Ave), Plantation, FL 33317

Date: March 5th-6th 2022

Website: South Florida Highland Games

Travel: This is a local games. It is near Fort Lauderdale in South Florida. So we can either make our own way down or we can car pool. I will take a trailer for gear.

Hotel: TBD we have rooms for Friday evening. This is just

Friday, night and Saturday, so we should be heading back after the last set on Saturday.

Details: Friday evening there will be a Ceilidh. Starts at 7pm. Soundcheck 4pm.

Soundcheck on Saturday at 7.30am for main stage.

Saturday 3x45 min sets on main stage. Finished about 4.30pm

Piping on the Green Festival 



Location: 301 E Grundy Street, Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Date: April 23rd 2022

Website: Piping on the Green

Travel: TBD

Hotel: TBD, we have rooms for Friday evening and Saturday evening.

Details: 3x45 min sets on Saturday.... but more to

hold on until i get all the details :)