News Updated 11/22/22

Dunedin Celtic Festival 11/19/22
Huge THANKYOU to everyone who came to see us at the Dunedin Celtic Music festival

Dunedin Scottish American Society Xmas Gala
For a brilliant Xmas celebration, get your tickets and see us live at the Scottish American Society Xmas Gala on
Dec 17th 2022

Arkansas  Highland Games 2023
Amazing weekend playing at the Arkansas Highland Games  
October 14-16th 2022.

Held at Lyon College, Arkansas.
A HUGE thankyou to the thousands of people who came to see the festival, and say hello to us! We will be back in 2023!

Mount Dora Scottish Festival 2023
Its confirmed we will be headlining the Mount Dora Scottish festival in 2023!

Panama City Scottish festival 2023
Panama City 2023 March 4th is confirmed! We have played these games twice before. Excellent games and a perfect day out for the family!

Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival 2023
Yes! We are back playing the Smoky Mountain Scottish festival in 2023!
This is a huge festival situated in a beautiful part of the USA, can't wait!

Scotland County Scottish Festival 2023.
We are back again in 2023 at the Scotland County Highland Games in Laurinburg NC.
We love these games. Situated in beautiful scenic grounds, its a wonderful way to celebrate your Celtic roots!


Thank you to The City of Dunedin, The Dunedin Scottish American Society, all the entertainers and volunteers, for making the Ukraine Benefit such a great success!

We doubled our goals for attendance, ticket sales to get a total of $14700.00

North of Argyll will be donating $600 based on CD sales and donations.

This is separate from the festival profits.

Longs Peak Scottish and Irish Festival
Longs Peak festival was amazing.  Over 58,000 people attended over three days.
Weather was awesome and the audiences for the seven shows we played
were brilliant! 

Rockin Virginia!
Amazing time playing on stage at the Virginia Scottish Games. Huge crowd, awesome people, and a great weekend for all.
Virginia Scottish games is a class act. 


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