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 News Updated 7/16/24

Mingling with Stars!

Paul was playing the bagpipes for a show celebrating the launch of a new cruise ship in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The star of the show Meghan Trainor.
Megan has several musical hits, including 'Made you look,'
Paul had a chat withe Megan about bagpipes and the entertainment industry.
Paul says she is a lovely lady, very down to earth and pleasant to talk to.

Paul Macleish, Megan Trainer, North of Argyll

Celtic Music Radio Scotland Radio Interview


Paul was in Glasgow, Scotland, for a 1-hour interview and song overview with 'Ian Oliphant,' from Celtic Music Radio, Scotland.
Ian dedicated a full hour of his two-hour show, to the band. This was great publicity!
You know you are doing it right, when they want to hear you in Scotland!

Interview link is here

New Single 'Priest,' is on Spotify, iTunes ready to download

Our new single 'Priest,' is on most streaming channels now. It's on Spotify, itunes and a host of other download platforms.

North of Argyll Celtic Music Tampa and Orlando Florida

New Newsletter

Our new newsletter was distributed to over 500 subscribers on July 14th. You can get a copy of the newsletter mailed to you at this link:

New CD!

We have 5 tracks completed on the new CD, and we are 
on schedule to complete the CD by early August.
For a sneak peak we have decided to upload the tracks for you to listen to, and download, as we complete them.
Click here to see the songs we have completed.
New CD tracks


North of Argyll CD celtic music USA

More dates are pending, come back for more updates. 

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