News Updated 10/12/21

After an amazing tour, we are taking a four week break. We will be back in the practice studio in late November preparing for a new CD and a March-May 2022 tour...Stay tuned for more information!

New York Celtic Music, North of Argyll

Arkansas  Highland Games
WOW! Amazing 3 days at the Arkansas Highland Games  October 8-10 2021.
Held at Lyon College, we were thrilled to be performing at these awesome games! Hopefully we will be back there in 2022!

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Scotland County Highland Games
AMAZING time at the Scotland County Highland Games on October 2nd 2021. We were thrilled to be performing at this great event in such a beautiful part of North Carolina.


Rockin Virginia!
Amazing time playing on stage at the Virginia Scottish Games. Huge crowd, awesome people, and a great weekend for all.
Virginia Scottish games is a class act. You have to try and get there in 2022.


Longs Peak Scottish and Irish Festival
Longs Peak festival was amazing.  Over 58,000 people attended over three days.
Weather was awesome and the audiences for the seven shows we played were brilliant! Here's to next year!

Virginia Scottish Games North of Argyll Tampa Celtic Music

Southeast Florida Scottish Festival
and Highland games

So Happy to be playing this awesome Scottish festival. We played there back in 2017, and we are thrilled to be back in 2022.
Its a great event, lots to do for all the family, pretty setting, and a fun day out for all!


Piping on the Green!
We played this festival in Tullahoma, Tennessee in 2019. It's brilliant, they close a large part of the town, to set up a fantastic Scottish / Irish festival. Usually a few thousand there, it's a great day out for the family, and we will be center stage. Come see us!
April 23rd 2022

Celtic Music, North of Argyll, Piping on the Green

NPR 'Tiny Desk.'
We are thrilled to have been accepted into the NPR '2021,' 'Tiny Desk,' Concert competition. The winner will get to perform on National Public Radio. It's a huge honor just to get through the first round. Some wonderful talent out there, so this should be great fun!


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