Band Rules 

The following page outlines the basic rules and structure of the band. It is important to understand that we are a team, who rely on each other for success.
The guidelines outlined in this page are here to help
everyone be successful.


These are the non-negotiable rules of the band, and probably the only way we would ask you to leave the band. These rules have been designed by the team.

1.Being under the influence of alcohol, or drugs: at a practice or event. We will not tolerate this as it makes us so and and look bad. Instant dismissal.

2.Not turning up for a gig. Is instant dismissal.

3.Being constantly late for practices: we will eventually just ask you to leave, the band, as it shows a lack of commitment, and we don't have time for that.

4.Not turning up for practices: as above. ( Obviously if there is an acceptable excuse, we will understand. However, poor time management is your issue. and we will hold you accountable for it. ) 

5. Playing with another band of the Celtic genre: Our visual brand is very important, and playing with other Celtic bands, dilutes the commitment, and the brand.

6.  Being a pain in the butt, with other band members: This has always been, and will continue to be a democratic band, where people get along really well. We have no time for talking behind people's backs, or silly games of politics. There is a zero tolerance for this. We all get on really well, and people who become a problem, will simply no longer be a member of the band.

7. Arguing or fighting with audience members, or clients: leads to instant dismissal.

8. Being late for sound checks prior to a performance: If this becomes a regular occurrence, then we will ask you to leave. Sound checks are crucial to the performance. Please plan to be at a performance at least an hour before we are due to start.

9. When attending a practice or event: please have your equipment and stage clothes ready. You are responsible for your musical instrument and stage clothes.

10. Before and after a gig: you will need to help other band members to set up equipment, sell CD,s or merchandise and mingle with the audience who want to talk to us. The performance is not just the stage performance. Please all stay until we are all satisfied that the work is done. This is  just the right thing to do.

11. TIPS: Tips should be the last thing we do after a gig. Tips should be counted by 2 band members, and nobody else. This should be done after we have packed up. Quite simply, its a good security measure, and we only want the band to know how much we made. Just good business.


11 Rules to be Noted.