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 Stage Plot

and Equipment

Stage Plot.jpg

Equipment Requirements.

We can supply our own sound equipment and instruments when needed.
In order to perform, the band needs a stage, or area, of a minimum of 24ft x12 feet.
However, in the case of long distance or international flights, equipment rental may be needed.
Our sound system can cover a theater of  up to 1500 people.
We also have our own light show if needed.
We can also supply our own sound technician if needed.

Festivals and Outdoor Events

Erin Oh: Violin and Vocals
Erin plays the following instruments.
1. Acoustic Violin.
Violin plugs mixer, then through an XLR to DI box the main sound board.
Erin also requires a vocal mic with mic cover.


Paul Macleish: 
Paul plays the following instruments.
1. Acoustic Guitar with pre-amp
2. Acoustic Bouzouki with pre-amp
3. Acoustic 10 string guitar with pre amp.
Instruments  plug into a Yamaha mixer on stage. He also uses a monitor for his guitars, so the mixer plugs into than and then its an XLR to a DI box or main mixer.

Sound engineer, will just ride the volume.
Paul also requires a vocal mic with mic co


The following is a list of equipment specs, and needs for festivals and outdoor events who will be supplying their own sound engineer and equipment.

Nat: Bassist and Vocals  
Plays the following instruments.
1. Electric Bass Guitar, 1/4 inch cable into a DI box.

Nat uses his own bass monitor on stage, and its then and XLR to a DI box of main board.


Steve Serneels: Bagpipes, Whistles.
Plays the following instruments.
1. Great Highland Bagpipes.
Steve plugs all instruments into a  channel mixer. 1 XLR out to the main board.
Sound engineer just needs to ride the sound for the above instruments.



Dominick Mandano: Drummer
Plays the following instruments.
Twin Congas and Two Djembe drums.
Dominick will be plugging his mics into a mixer. with one XLR to the mains


We request 3-4 on stage monitors up front. Monitors-Equal House Mix, Pre fader. Over all sound mix that is preferred: 
Vocals ( loudest )Bagpipes, Whistle, Fiddle ( lower than voice, but all the same levels as each other.  (Bagpipes should be prominent on the first opening tune )Bass and drums next level, should compliment and support the sound.

Contact us at:
Tel: USA 727-373-8648

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