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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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North of Argyll Celtic Music in the USA

Out of the Storm

Our second CD, "Out of the Storm," features the band collaborating with the exceptionally skilled percussionist, Dominick Mandano. Created during the Covid Pandemic, this album is a sincere tribute to those who tragically lost their lives and persevered through the difficulties of that trying period.


Return to Glenfinnan

The song 'Return to Glenfinnan' depicts a fictional character who participated in the Scottish Rebellion of 1745 alongside Bonny Prince Charlie. Engaged in the Battle of Culloden, the protagonist longs to reunite with his loved ones in Glenfinnan. Exhausted from the ravages of war, he yearns to leave behind the burdens of history and embark on a new chapter in his life.

Penned in 2019 and captured on record in 2020, the song captures this heartfelt narrative.


This story, penned by Paul Macleish, centers around a farmer's encounter with the Queen of the Elves.

According to folklore, the Queen of the Elves dwells in the Scottish forests within a realm known as 'Elvenheim.' It is believed that she assumes the guise of a stunning young woman, yet possesses the power to slay a man with just a gaze. The tale follows a farmer who crosses paths with the queen amidst the woods and manages to survive the encounter. The song was composed by Macleish in 2018 and recorded amidst the Covid pandemic.


'Rebellion' is a song originally penned by Paul Macleish in 2016, portraying the 1745 Scottish uprising. Over time, it has evolved into the concluding piece for the band's live shows. The song exudes a lively and energetic vibe, featuring exhilarating fiddle improvisations during live renditions.



During a winter camping expedition in the Western Highlands of Scotland, Paul composed this piece. It was the second song he created during the trip and draws inspiration from a real-life event that took place during the Battle of Prestonpans. The story revolves around an English soldier who, while being pursued by Scottish highlanders, managed to leap across a ravine.

The Scots, impressed by his feat, ceased their chase and offered their applause. Even today, a sign on the battlefield marks the spot where the soldier made his remarkable jump. The song delves into the soldier's experiences following the battle, and it is believed that he eventually left the army and sought refuge in the Americas.

I Will Go

"I Will Go" is a timeless folk ballad portraying the journey of a Scottish soldier who enlisted in the British Army and participated in the American Revolution. Upon his return to his Scottish Glen, he discovered a devastating scene where his family was being forcibly displaced by the Clan chief, who had set his house ablaze. This poignant tale reflects the tragic consequences of the Highland Clearances, a series of events initiated after the unsuccessful 1745 rebellion.

 Fall to Fly

Our bagpiper, K.T. Scott PHD, also known as 'Scotty,' composed this song. It is a captivating ballad set in the 18th century, exploring the concept of the circle of life. The song features a magnificent bagpipe melody, expertly arranged by Scotty. Originally written in 2018, it was later recorded in 2020.



Paul Macleish wrote this song in 2017 to honor one of the swiftest battles ever waged on British territory. Taking place during the 1745 Scottish rebellion, the Battle of Prestonpans saw the Scottish army execute a cunning maneuver, flanking the British Army under the cover of darkness and launching a surprise attack from the rear amidst the morning mist. In a mere fifteen minutes, the British Army succumbed to the assault and hastily retreated from the battlefield.



In 2020, we composed and submitted this song to the 'Tiny Desk' competition hosted by NPR radio. Throughout the competition, the song received multiple radio plays.

Our band, known for blending Celtic and fusion genres, incorporated various musical beats and rhythms into this jazz-themed track.

The song tells the story of a restless traveler torn between the desire to settle down and the realization that he will never truly do so.


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